5 Hockey Tips for Beginners


Starting a new sport can be quite scary. You may have no clue what to purchase, how to play, or even how to begin. This guide will cover the fundamental tips for beginners. So whether you’re a parent looking into for your child who wants to join hockey, this information will put you ahead in the diversion. Below are tips to help beginners get started on their field hockey career.


  1. Buy a Composite Stick


Purchasing the composite stick is your best option if you are planning to stay with the sport. They are slightly more costly than their wood-based alternatives, but they are worth the price. Composite sticks are more straightforward to play with on the grounds because they give you more control and power. If you opt to purchase a cheaper starter stick, you will have to buy a more advanced one later which will be more costly.


  1. Try Out Different Positions


Hockey game position is the goalkeeper, defense, midfield, and forward. For beginners, it is advisable to try different positions before deciding where you want to play. Also, note that if you were participating in another sport previously and playing in a particular position, some of your previous skills might change.

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  1. Watch as Much as Possible


Watching the game helps to understand your position better. Search for videos for local or international games and anything else you may find useful. While watching, pay attention to the player on your position and focus mostly on his or her moves and the way of receiving passes.


  1. Develop Your Stick Skills


Stick skills refers to anything involving a ball and stick play such as stopping, dodging, hitting, tackling, and dribbling. Refining your stick skills is more important than being in shape. Every aspect of your game will improve after perfecting your skills.


  1. Develop an Elite Mentality


Practice the sport with a game like-mentality. Perfection every hit and always be the first to the ball. Play your heart out and learn from your mistakes.


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